Community Commitment

The CNT Group encourages those in the business community to support the non-profit sector. We utilize our talents and expertise to support our community by volunteering and refurbishing clients' computers for use in other organizations. With pro-bono services and discounted rates, we serve several not-for-profit organizations, including:

Denver Academy of Torah

Denver Academy of Torah is a modern-Orthodox, Zionist Jewish day school, serving students from pre-kindergarten through high school. Age appropriate activities, provided by thoughtful and caring role models who facilitate success in a warm atmosphere, help each child develop positive spiritual attitudes and moral character.

The school's educational environment provides an atmosphere that fosters each child's natural curiosity, which requires a great network of personal computers. CNT supports DAT's unique teaching style by keeping computers up to date, donating refurbished computers and keeping the school's office running at top speed.

Havern SchoolThe Havern School is a nationally recognized Denver-based school that provides a specialized education program for elementary and middle school students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Utilizing a 4:1 student to staff ratio, master teachers, occupational therapists, and speech/language pathologists provide a comprehensive program of intervention services to children with the goal of creating confident learners who will continue to achieve success beyond Havern School.

CNT Group has worked with the Havern School since 2003. We contribute support services, hardware, software, VOIP telephone technology to the center, and supports the school's technology platform.

Loretto Community

The Loretto Community is a group of 250 Catholic nuns and members of the community who teach, nurse, care for the elderly, lobby, minister in hospitals, provide spiritual direction and counseling, resettle refugees, staff parishes, try to stop this country's nuclear weapons build-up, work with the rural poor, and minister to handicapped, alcoholic, and mentally ill adults.

CNT Group supports technology at the Denver office, and assists the women as they minister to schools throughout the Denver area, including Havern School, Escuela de Guadalupe and St. Mary's Academy.

Project Wise

CNT has been working with ProjectWISE since 2010. The mission of ProjectWISE is the empowerment of women facing economic challenges to achieve their individual goals and positively impact their community.

ProjectWISE was founded in 1995 to provide support services for families moving from welfare to work and families with low incomes. Informed by the previous welfare reform legislation and experiences of these families, Project WISE was developed as an empowerment based model, which provides mental health services, mentoring, leadership development and advocacy..

ProjectWISE was created to bring together the experiences and voices of the families experiencing public benefits with research and policy advocacy. The need also includes supporting women who are now working but still struggling economically and personally, which can make the reality of self-sufficiency difficult.

Women's Bean ProjectThe Women's Bean Project is a social enterprise that offers a transitional job in gourmet food manufacturing designed to provide immediate income, arrange support services to overcome barriers to employment, and teach the job readiness skills needed to get and keep a job.

The program helps participants to develop work and interpersonal skills needed to function independently in the workplace and community. Program participants come from backgrounds of chronic unemployment and poverty, and the program helps them develop the work and interpersonal skills needed to function independently in the workplace and community. But the Women's Bean Project does not hire women to make and sell bean products-they make and sell bean products to hire women.

CNT has contributed support services, hardware, and software to the center since 2010.

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