Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Anyone that has ever lost a spreadsheet or text document knows the necessity of data recovery. But what if your business lost all of its valuable information due to natural disaster, terrorist attack, fire, or flood? What if a flu epidemic or major storm limited your employees from coming into the office for an extended period of time? Could your business continue?

If your answer is no, you're not alone. More than one-third of small and medium sized businesses indicate that business continuity planning is not a priority.

At CNT Group, we help you plan. Not only have we identified risks associated with unforeseen events, we are aware of regulatory issues that affect data. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that some clients protect not only their own financial data, but their client's data as well. Similarly, for healthcare firms to be compliant with HIPAA, they must have a secure facility that hosts their data.

To protect your business, CNT Group has developed a tiered approach for businesses to insure continuity in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Some of these services include:

  • Developing a detailed and customized continuity plan.
  • Offsite server storage to insure the availability of data in the event that a server or business is destroyed.
  • Routine storage of back-up tapes at a secure off-site facility.
  • Recovery service.
  • Provisioning of temporary network and telephone equipment.


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