Compliance touches on many aspects of an organization such as legal, security, and records retention. At the IT level, companies must comply in the areas of asset management, identity access, storage, email retention, server and database monitoring, change management and configuration management.

While the regulatory legislation and standards change within industry segments, all require specific IT controls and storage solutions. HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) are two examples of legislation in which the CNT Group assists its clients with regulatory compliance. Under these regulations, companies are required to keep extensive email archives, which are also becoming a focus during litigation. One product CNT successfully implemented to address these challenges is GFI's Mail Archiver. The software automatically stores every incoming and outgoing email into an SQL database, searchable with a WEB interface.

This easy-to-use system provides:

  • A complete and secure archive of all company email, accessible with search and “saved search” capabilities through Outlook and/or a browser interface.
  • A safeguard in customer lawsuits.
  • Auditing functionality that guarantees stored emails are genuine and tamper-free.
  • A reduction in message storage size, improved Exchange performance, and reduced reliance on cumbersome archive files. 

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