Infrastructure Support/Outsourcing

CNT Group is a team of highly specialized consultants that design and support the systems that small and mid-sized businesses rely on to manage their current business and plan for the future. The team offers cross-disciplinary solutions and a continuum of support ranging from network infrastructure and equipment, security and compliance, wireless devices and mobile computing, and workstation and software installation.

IT Outsourcing
As information technology changes rapidly, CNT's consultants stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, affording businesses a team of IT experts at an affordable budget. Whether a business chooses to outsource the entirety of it's IT functions or just specific projects or functions, CNT is a cost-effective option.

Unsure about outsourcing? Consider these benefits:

  • With consultants based internationally, CNT offers clients access to 24/7 service.
  • CNT's remote access tools and technology allow the team to diagnose problems and troubleshoot instantly -- limiting downtime and maintaining productivity.
  • CNT's team of specialized experts provide clients with a breadth and depth of knowledge far greater than the traditional internal support team of one.
  • CNT's team works when you don't -- offering continuous service, unaffected by individual work schedules or vacations.
  • CNT's approach helps clients reduce operating expenses, create cost predictability and minimize risks, while improving performance and reliability.
  • Clients can rely on CNT as a trusted partner to transition to internal IT support, when growth warrants.

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