Thin & Cloud Client Computing

Thin client computing has been one of our passions over the past few years and occupies an ever growing segment of our options. 

Thin Client / Cloud Client Computing

A thin, or cloud client, is usually thought of as a diskless computer – a desktop or laptop that connects to the Internet or server for services. As there are no moving parts to wear out, and a minimal operating system to care for, these devices last for years and years, and cost almost nothing to maintain – no updates, malware/virus programs, nor software to install.One model we use frequently is the Dell Wyse C10Le. With a cost of around two hundred dollars, configuration time of five minutes, and no updates or maintenance, this is a terrific value that works for many of our clients.

Thin Client / Cloud Client Computing

The Google Chromebook is one of the most innovate products and greatest values we have seen for a long time. With a built- in Chrome Browser and apps, as well as access to servers, this $250 powerhouse challenges the dominance of tablet technology. "Chromebooks for Education" includes a three year warranty, plus Google’s cloud based policy control center for distribution and control of apps, managing user access, and setting security policies.

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